Dear Sagittarius, Let’s talk!

my horoscope today tells me that:

Life: even if problems in your personal life keep persisting, you’re tackling them in the best way possible. you are full of energy and motivation this week and things at work are advancing at lightning speed.

Love: Venus and Saturn are getting you down this week and you could even get lonely and isolated in your relationship. If you sense a tension between you and your partner, think about it, think before you speak or you risk hurting your lover.

horoscope is such a funny matter. even if you don’t believe in it, even if you think that it’s a distortion to the way you’re leading life, it still talks to us uninvited. Anyways, I decided that having conversations with my horoscope daily would pin me down (if I might use this expression) and obliges me to write back. I want to trick myself into writing, to decipher every day the chunks and bits of me that only God knows how much disperse they are getting. So, dear my Sagittarius, my sign that yet again I did not choose, I’m conversing with you daily to prove to myself that I still can talk back. I might stutter in the very beginning, for I forgot the process of deep talking. So excuse my poor language, my ill- chosen expressions and my involuntary ellipsis. And here we go:

you told me today that problems in my personal life are persisting. Well, you’ve got that right. For starters, I grew weary of counting the days of me being down in the dumps, you clinging onto an unlucky star. Yet, you definitely didn’t get the second part right. I’m not tackling them let alone tackling them in the best way possible. I’m a poseur par excellence, that is my rapport with life at the time being. I’m vegetating and I am literally posing for the main painter, life, to create its own portrait. I don’t care if it’s vibrant and lively with sparkling colors or dull and fatigable creation. Although I know that the latter might be a more faithful interpretation of who I am at the moment. Let’s move on, am I really full of energy and motivated this week? If you say so! But thank you, I do feel flattered. See, my dear Sagittarius, I feel that I’m a big liar. I was just telling you how miserable I feel, and then, without resistance, I jumped into the same boat of positivity heedless and jubilant. As for love, I really refuse to talk about it at the time being, really unable to even address it